About us

IPOhub, built out of frustration

Investing for regular people like us is deceptively frustrating, thanks in part to the domination of institutional investors such as banks and hedge funds, the overwhelming amount of administration, and the lack of opportunities.

It’s not simply the fact that these institutions get access to better data, or early access to IPO’s and offers, or they have more opportunities across European markets. It’s that they do this with our money.

Essentially the status quo reduces our freedom to invest in where and what we want, and ties us to excessive fees and commissions eating into our hard-earned money.

It was time for a balance

Aleksander Kalju and Volli Kalju are investors from Estonia. Even though they are seasoned investors they kept coming up against the same problems. They would find companies they wanted to invest in but were restricted by the fact they live in Estonia. Or, having found an opportunity then spending days trawling dozens of websites to get all the information they needed to make an informed decision. On top of that, having to submit form after form to confirm their identity and subscribe to an IPO with little chance of getting an allocation.

Investing should be for everyone

They set about building a platform for individual investors that contained all upcoming and current IPOs and Offers for every SME across European markets. A single place to find all the information about the company, the IPOs and offers and their history.

And finally, a platform where all levels of investors could participate in IPOs and Offers by confirming their identity and digitally signing subscription forms.

IPOhub was born.

The Team
Volli Kalju
Alex Kalju
Gunnar Peipman
Software Architect

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